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When thinking of educating your children on the system of white supremacy many ideas rush to my mind. The most common is where to begin? What’s appropriate based upon the age of your learner?

I recommend for younger learners 3-8 it’s easier to start in the present and work your way back. For mid to older aged youth I would use a traditional timeline starting with early European habits and traditions especially firsthand accounts. When teaching young learners you can individually study more advanced information and break it down into pieces of information they can digest.

Example: Homemade flash cards, worksheets made with what you deem essential to their learning, posters that direct children through the information in map format.

When approaching white supremacy as a topic many parents are fearful of damaging the minds of their children with “hatred” for white people or the weight of the information shared becoming a primary focus of the child character or personality. (This concern is centered on the idea that black children will become the black version of white racism against white people which is unfounded but often used to justify integration and a continued connection to the major areas Europeans are empowered in while ruling over black people.)

Regarding older youth it’s important to connect an interest they have to certain events, one example would be to teach about the civil war from “The Red Badge of Courage” due to the student’s interest in military sciences or what role politics played in the forming of society. Stay tuned for flash card templates and more in the download section.

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